It is time to start acting like it!

YOU ARE ALREADY WHOLE! Nothing to change or fix! Your only work is to dissolve the shit that you have been conditioned by so that you can RECLAIM AND EMBODY YOUR EROTIC TRUTH!

My name is Christal Hart - I am THE SEXUAL SHAMANISTA, TEACHER, WRITER, ARTIST and POWERFUL GUIDE TO YOUR HEALING and EROTIC EXPANSION. For almost two decades I have been playing and expanding in the work, where the SOUL MEETS BODY! A little DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE anyone? :)

I have traveled the path of erotic transformation. What I have discovered is that integration and self-acceptance are the keys! I help people live badass erotic embodiments. Healing the disconnection with self so that remembering can take place. You, my love, are already whole! Your own erotic expansion already exists and I can help you unfold into it!

This site is devoted to you! Devoted to acting as a channel for divine erotic truth to live itself out fully! Here you will find my tales of being a sex coach, writings that I hope inspire expansion, and always an invitation to explore deeper into your pleasure! We grow through connection and this site is my offering to that growth for us all!

What led me to this work?

The duality of pain and pleasure.

The pain of life's lies, illusions, and conditioning. The pain of being fed experiences of untruths throughout my life. The pain of abandonment. The pain of childhood abuse, the pain of religious conditioning, the pain of being shamed and objectified for my body and appearance.

All of this pain pointed me straight to pleasure. This is because the pleasure already existed inside of me and I would not settle for anything less than this TRUTH! The truth is that (we all come from love and we are all gods in drag) and this is mighty fucking pleasurable! The truth is that we have pleasure, right here, right now pulsing through our veins, if we just listen and open to it, we can discover that we are actually pleasure experiencing itself!

Can you feel it?

Become aware of the subtle energy of pleasure. The way oxygen fills your lungs and massages your insides. Or when you hear a delightful sound and it can open your mind and flutter your heart. The way your skin feels when basking in the sun or the thrill of a chill. And for heaven's sake... ORGASMS!!! Our bodies are wired for pleasure and the patriarchy has been making sure this is hidden from us! I am here to help humanity remember!

That is why I do this work. I am devoted to PLEASURE! I help clients cultivate the same. My clients have transformations that free them into the space of their own radiant, erotic spotlight. The best part is we do it all through a safe, secure, and loving container. With bravery and tenderness, my clients experience erotic awakenings that are forever life changing!

My purpose is to help as many beings as I can on the planet, uncover their heart and release old painful patterns that no longer serve them so that they can live a life of pleasure, divine authenticity, truth, and wholeness. FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!

Who specifically do you like to help/serve?

My signature system is the UNKINK METHOD. Here we walk through deep work that supports you in clearing intense or traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, stuckness, getting trapped in your head, body shame, religious and cultural conditioning, sexual shame, and potent blockages with acceleration!


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